“At the insistence of my then mentor, Dr. Albert Roberts, I first joined ABPsi in DC when I was a graduate student at Howard University. I found that the mentorship and collective support I received helped me tremendously in my doctoral program. Upon my return to NY, I became a member of  NYABPsi and sought to give back to my students what I had received during my sojourn and will continue to do so for all my future students.”

Maudry-Beverley Lashley, Ph.D. is Chair of the Psychology Department at Medgar Evers College, (CUNY). She received both her Bachelors and Master’s degrees from Hunter College (CUNY), her doctorate from Howard University and clinical training from Jacobi Medical Center (HHC). She has training as a clinical-developmental psychologist whose research and clinical skills are based on a research/practitioner model. Dr. Lashley’s published research focused primarily on factors related to risk and resilience amongst underrepresented families. Her current research includes further work on issues surrounding strengths of single Black mothers and in substance use and abuse.