Harambee Initiative

The Harambee Initiative aims to inspire, encourage and uplift Black individuals, families, and communities as we face the COVID-19 pandemic. Harambee, Swahili for “Let’s pull together”, is a reminder of our strength, heritage, and rootedness in community. NYABPsi believes that pulling together and relying on our communities’ strengths and gifts will help us to remain safe, centered and grounded during this uncertain time. The Harabmee initiative will use virtual platforms to foster community support and will include knowledge-sharing, community discussions, and healing sessions, and engagement in creative activities such as song and story-telling. There will be opportunities for fellowship, fun, learning, and healing. We hope you’ll join us. Let’s pull together!
Learn more about the Harambee initiative and what we have planned by joining us for our launch event!
April 25, 2020, 7pm EST
Registration details to come!
This event is free and open to public, members and non-members