Dedicated to Our Community

Raising Minds and Spirits for Over 50 Years

2018 marked 50 years of service for the New York Association of Black Psychologists (NYABPsi)! As we enter a new decade, the organization remains committed. Founded in 1968, the same year as the National Association of Black Psychologists, the local New York chapter has proudly served the NY Metropolitan community, students, and professionals. The mission of NYABPsi includes educating and intervening within the Black community through pro-bono services, and supporting the next generation of Black Psychologists to succeed through undergraduate and graduate school.

Our community’s mental health is of the utmost importance

The New York Association of Black Psychologists invites you to share with us as we continue serving the community and making a difference in the lives of others through the field of mental health!

Our Commitments


We strive to decrease mental health stigma, link individuals to quality, culturally-appropriate mental health services, and raise awareness of issues affecting the Black community.


From disaster relief services & community events to grassroots organizing & support for incarcerated/formerly incarcerated individuals, we believe in strengthening community.


Along with annual scholarship awards, NYABPsi provides resources & mentorship for students & early-career professionals.