Join Us In Celebrating Black History Month!

Honoring Pioneers of Black and African Psychology

The New York Association of Black Psychologists (NYABPsi), in collaboration with the New Jersey (NJABPsi), DC (DCABPsi), and Delaware Valley (DVABPsi) chapters, is celebrating Black History Month by highlighting and honoring the pioneers of Black and African Psychology.

For the next 10 days, we will recognize the contributions of Black psychological scholars, theorists, practitioners, and researchers who created and molded the field. We will feature men and women scholars, living and deceased, as exemplars of Black Excellence and highlight their major accomplishments and contributions.

The featured pioneers made major contributions to practice, theory, or research and reshaped dominant discourses within psychology regarding the plight of African-descended people and their individual, familial, and social experiences. They prioritized the Black experience, highlighted the need for equity, and set the stage for those who follow in their footsteps. Society and the field would not be the same without their contributions.

We encourage you to share the legacy of these pioneers with your friends, loved ones, students, and the larger community.

Click here to meet the pioneers!